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Food & Dining

We take a lot of pride in serving healthy and tasty meals to our camp community. Each week, we offer a wide variety of well-balanced dishes that appeal to campers and staff alike. 

We eat together in our Dining Hall three times a day. Meals are served family-style, so there's no need to wait in line; simply grab a seat and get ready to eat!

Dietary Restrictions & Allergies


Our kitchen staff is quite accustomed to managing a wide variety of dietary needs and intolerances. Please let us know during registration if you camper has specific dietary restrictions or allergies (e.g. vegetarian, dairy-free, wheat/gluten-free, nut allergy). All dietary considerations will be shared with the Health Officer and safety protocols will be designed for any camper identified as having a severe allergy.

Please note: our camp is nut-free, which means we do not serve any meals or snacks containing nuts. However, we cannot guarantee a completely nut-free environment, as some external food may make its way into camp via care packages.

Sample Menu

Our meals vary from session to session, but we always offer a tasty lineup of well-balanced meals that include protein, grains, fruits, & veggies. Vegetarian options are always available, too!

Our kitchen staff loves working with campers to plan the weekly menu, so if you've got a meal idea or special request, let them know! 


Have questions about our food offerings or dining procedures? Give us a call at 231-222-0005 or email

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