Announcing “Camp Lookout at Saki” (CLS)

2018 Summer Schedule

Session X @ CLS– one week
July 22-27, 2018
$790, 5 days, 40 capacity, ages 8-13

Session D @ CLS– two weeks
July 29 -August 10, 2018
$1,795, 12 days, 40 capacity, ages 9-15

Teen Cojourn Camp @ CLS– two weeks
July 8-20, 2018
$1,795, 12 days, 20 capacity, ages 15-17

With smaller sessions, unexplored wilderness areas and the excitement of new programs we expect it to be a great first summer! The philosophy and approach that our parents and campers love from Camp Lookout will transfer to Camp Saki.

Frequently Asked Questions about CLS 

“Camp Lookout at Saki” (CLS) is an extension of the Camp Lookout and Crystalaire program but at a new location. For several years, the sessions at Camp Lookout have had waitlists as early as February. “Camp Lookout at Saki” gives us the opportunity to offer our programming and positively impact more campers!

Whether your camper is at Camp Lookout or CLS, they’ll have the opportunity to engage with a positive, unplugged and non-competitive community of staff and campers. Always focused on building self-confidence, independence, and meaningful relationships, our programs strive to ensure each camper gains new life skills, as well as long-lasting friendships and memories.

We believe in the positive impact our philosophy has on our campers, and we want that to reach as many kids as possible.

This has been a long time coming! We have been talking to Traverse City Rotary Camps and Services, the owners of the property, for several years regarding the use of Camp Saki. When the Girl Scouts ended their lease of the camp in early 2018, we saw an opportunity. Our goal is to keep this beautiful piece of land as a summer camp and expand our program to positively impact as many campers as possible.  

CLS will also allow us to run year-round programming. Not only are we excited to continue working with the school groups we’re currently engaged with, but we also look forward to expanding our program to new and different groups of campers.

For those of you who are new to Lookout and Crystalaire, each summer we hire enthusiastic, kind, thoughtful adults. The majority of our staff members are in college or have recently graduated. About half of our staff come from the midwest, the other half come from all around the country and the world. In the past, we have had staff members from: Australia, England, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, Mexico, Italy and many other countries.

For the families who already know us, you’ll see some familiar faces around Camp Lookout at Saki. Several of our more experienced program staff from previous summers will be on hand to help make the first summer a success. The owner, Curtis McFall, will be overseeing all programs at Lookout at Saki.

We put the same thought and care into hiring for CLS as we do for our other programs. When hiring staff, we look for passionate individuals who have prior child care and/or camp experience. We believe it is important for our staff to have a  good measure of flexibility, solid communication and listening skills, and a healthy respect for the viewpoints of others. We look for creative, people-centered staff members who are capable of taking on the responsibility of being positive role models and caring for our campers. We strive for at least 50% of the staff to hold lifeguard certification and, as part of our staff training, everyone is certified in CPR and First Aid.

CLS, located just outside of Traverse City, is a beautiful location on 565 acres that surrounds much of Bass Lake. The camp is located only minutes from the Traverse City airport and a quick forty minute drive from Camp Lookout.

There are both year-round and seasonal cabins.The grounds include a waterfront with canoes and swimming, a large lodge, dining hall, art shed, 3 pavilions, multiple fire pits, tennis court, a shower house with flush toilets, and latrines throughout.

Directly adjacent the camp property is a 500-acre wilderness area full of opportunities to explore and hike and perfect for big running around games.

Located on the shores of Bass Lake in Traverse City, MI. Camp Saki was the home of Girl Scout Camp Sakakawea since the mid-1950s. In the summer of 1955, the Girl Scouts (then Aspen Trails Council) held their first pioneer camp at what was to become known as Camp Sakakawea.

The first major construction on the property was the Oleson Lodge completed in 1960. It was built in memory of the late Frances E. Oleson. Over the past 50 years, Camp Sakakawea has undergone major construction and renovation projects turning it into a year-round facility. To protect the property in its natural state, a conservation easement was donated to the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy in 2004.

In early 2018 the Girl Scouts moved their operations to camp Greilick, also located in Traverse City. Around this time, we began partnering with Rotary Camps and Services, a part of Rotary Charities of Traverse City, to begin preparing for our first season of Camp Lookout at Saki. This camp will become an extension of our current programming, offering more summer sessions for campers who are looking to be unplugged and create their own camp experience.

Operating Camp Lookout at Saki also opens the possibility of offering year-round programming. This will give campers the chance to connect with us and their camp friends throughout the year, but also allows us to work with school groups, families, and other youth-based groups.



Crystalaire Adventures will be moving their base of operations from the famous Moose Hall near Camp Lookout to CLS. Most trips will start and end from their new headquarters.  Manitou trips will still start and end at Camp Lookout as they have in the past. More information on Crystalaire Adventures can be found here.